Podcast episode 52 – Trees, can’t trust ’em – January 18, 2013



Episode 52 is upon us! Tony, Preston, Omar and myself hash it out again with some of the trending topics that you are seeing in educational technology right now. Needless to say it is another stellar episode so check out the agenda below.

  1. The first bookless library
    1. 2 weeks and your ebook will go dead to prevent theft
    2. Would this work for schools?
  2. Toy Story (with real toys)
    1. The kids were 17 & 18 when they started
    2. It is shot for shot the same as the movie – watch the awesomeness here.
    3. Independent study options for kids to give them time and freedom to pursue projects like this?
  3. 25-Signs-You-Might-Be-A-21st-Century-Teacher
    1. Do you agree with all 25? If you don’t, does that make you a 20th century teacher?
  4. Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend was a hoax!
    1. Lesson to be learned!
    2. Online reputation
  5. The unbundling of higher education and what that means for high schools
    1. Udacitiy and their crazy deal & TechCrunch’s take on this
    2. Minerva’s Nonprofit approach
    3. A detailed look of why this may fail
  6. iPhone app of the week – The Grading Game – Preston is recommending people to pass on this.

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