A video for science class – chicken or egg

Questions like this have been causing people to scratch their cranium and dig deep into their analytical minds for ages. I remember my fourth grade teacher posed this question that led to a debate for the next 3 days and caused school yard riots, a halt to academic work and no answers . Finally, I can sleep. Finally, I can step outside and rejoin society. Finally, I can bath once again. A group called Asap Science has created a video that gives a pretty definitive answer. Watch the video above to get the answer. While it may be a little too technical for fourth graders, it should be fine for middle schoolers though. Hopefully they will make a video explaining when Omar will write another blog post 🙂

About Patrick Cauley

I teach middle school technology and love to play around with tech and teach students and colleagues alike. You can read my blog at www.itbabble.com
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