Podcast episode 53 – A little off topic – January 26, 2013


Here we are again. Episode 53 and still going strong. This episode is sure to give you lots to talk about in the break room as delve into some familiar and new themes. Check out the agenda below and be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes

  1. BYOD and Printing, What You Should Be Doing
    1. Realistic timeframe for going nearly paperless
  2. Posterous – sniff, sniff, we’ll miss you
    1. It looks like Posterous is shutting down
    2. What I liked about it
    3. Other options
  3. Peter Thiel’s 20-Under-20 Fellowship – Article in TechCrunch
    1. Recipients will receive $100,000 for two years if they bypass college
    2. Is this the future of education?
    3. Is university as value as it used to be?
    4. Link to the foundation’s homepage
  4. Literacy, Coding, and Smarter Kids – TechCrunch
    1. Mitch Resnik’s (creator of Scratch and part of the Life Long Kindergarten Group) TED Talk
    2. Digital Natives is not a good term – they’re familiar but not fluent
    3. They need to be able to code
    4. Should we be teaching children to code along with reading and math in early childhood education?
  5. iOS app of the week – Powers of Minus Ten – Bone

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