Podcast episode 54 – The digital fetus has arrived! – January 31, 2013

20130131_184931Gaze upon the digital fetus in all its glory! This is just a prototype, so if you are eager to get your own t-shirt you’ll have to wait a little while. Anyway, we have another awesome show and even though Omar was sick he was there toughing it out like a good educator. Check out the agenda below and remember you can find us on iTunes and Podomatic.

  1. Tony’s post – APPs are for suckers
    1. What’s your favorite useless app
    2. What’s the best app you use?
  2. Is Spradling a bad person?
    1. An excessive example of printing
    2. When should their be an intervention?
  3. Michelle Rhee PBS Frontline Report – watch it here (an hour long)
    1. What should it look like and does it need to be so extreme?
    2. Testing as a means of teacher/school evaluation?
    3. Should technology usage or knowledge be a part of teacher evaluations?
    4. If so should teachers be fired over their inability to use technology
  4. Difficulties using chat on campus for teachers
    1. Why would it be good
    2. Why it has failed
    3. What to do to make it successful
  5. Does Constant Googling Really Make You Stupider?
    1. This debate has been going on for a while
    2. What do you think?
  6. iOS app of the week – World Atlas by National Geographic
    1. Free today bu usually $1.99

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