Prezi – Getting started


Prezi is a solid go to platform for making unique looking presentations. It’s easy to use, pretty different from anything else out there and the final product usually looks great. It was also our second post here on IT Babble and one of our most popular. Here is a quick guide to refresh you on how to use it with its new interface. Click past the link to see the guide or click HERE to see it on its own webpage.

Prezi – Getting started

What is Prezi?

Prezi is a web site that allows you to make dynamic and interesting presentations and it’s free!

What is Prezi?

Go to and click Sign up now to get started.

Step 1 – Sign up

You have three choices. For the free account click on the Public option.

Step 1 - Sign up

Now give Prezi some of your personal information. Discuss this with your teacher about how much info should be given.

Don’t forget to put a tick in the I agree to the terms of use box.

Then click Sign up.


Step 2 – Creating a Prezi

Now that you have an account it’s time to get creative!

To create a new Prezi just click on the + New prezi button.

Step 2 - Creating a Prezi

After Prezi loads you will have the opportunity to chose from one of their templates or you can work on a blank one (which is what I will chose).

If you chose a template, don’t worry you can change it or remove it later.


Step 3 – How to zoom out and in

You can zoom out and zoom in by using the mouse wheel.

You can zoom waaaaay out and zoom in reaaaaly far too.

Don’t worry if you zoom too far one way or another, by clicking on your “path” icon on the left hand side will help reset the zoom.

Step 3 - How to zoom out and in

You can also click on the home icon in the middle on the far right side.


Step 4 – Adding text

You need some text to help explain your Prezi.

To do this just click anywhere and you will get this box. Type what you want to say.

You have some basic formatting options such as color, making the font larger and how it is aligned.

Step 4 - Adding text

To edit the text later just click on it.

If you move your mouse to one of the boxes surrounding at the corner of the box you can rotate it


Step 5 – Adding images

Prezi makes it super easy to add images. Just click on the Images button at the top.

Step 5 - Adding images

You can add an image that is already on your computer, or you can find an image from Google Images which is what I am going to click on.


Type in what you’re looking for.


On your Prezi will have a bunch of images. Pick the one you like and click on Insert.

It will show up in your Prezi right away.


Step 5 – Adding paths

Now that you have text and images it is time to organize it.

Just click on your text and images in the order you want them to show.

Be careful, if you have two timages/text too close together it may be difficult to click on it. Go ahead and move them further apart and then click on them.

Step 5 - Adding paths

Here is what my path looks like.


Step 5 – Previewing your Prezi

Now that you’ve created a Prezi it is time to check it out. If you click the icon with the people (in the top right hand corner)

Step 5 - Previewing your Prezi

Untitled Prezi

When you click that you are given 3 options. Click Present button (upper left hand corner).

This will let you preview it. When you are done hit the Esc key on your keyboard. This will take you back to the editor.

Untitled Prezi

Step 6 – Sharing it with your teacher and/or partner

One cool thing about Prezi is that you can share it with another person.

Step 6 - Sharing it with your teacher and/or partner

This box will pop up.

Click the button Copy Link and then email that link to your teacher and/or partner.


When another person access the Prezi you are working on, they will appear as an avatar (like the one below).

As that person moves around you will see their avatar move as well.


Helpful tips

Be sure to save often!

You never know when Prezi may freeze or just stop working. The more often you save, the less work you could lose.

To save, just click on the save icon.

Helpful tips

Practice, practice, practice

Be sure to preview your Prezi often to make sure there are no mistakes and that it works the way you want it to.

Most bad presentations are due to people not practicing and revising their work.

Practice, practice, practice

Be patient

Making a good presentation takes time.

Be sure to take your time, ask your teachers and your friends for their opinion on your presentation.


This guide just shows you the basics. Prezi can do more. Be sure to explore to find out how Prezi can make your presentations awesome!


Now you know the basics of Prezi. It is time for you to branch off and see what you can do with this unique presentation tool.

To view the very short Prezi I made while making this guide, go ahead and click on the link below.

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