Podcast Episode 55 – I want a Portal gun – February 7, 2013



While we are missing Omar and Cara it was still a great episode. I mean check out that agenda below. As always you can find us on iTunes and Podomatic.

  1. iTunes University Workshop
    1. Course Manager
    2. Can only be viewed on an iPad
    3. Modular by design
  2. Portal 2 to teach Physics
    1. Portal 2 website
    2. The official learning with Portals website
    3. A teacher’s blog site
  3. Learning how to play the guitar – online
    1. Year of Rock website & the Instinct website
    2. Better or worse than a real teacher?
    3. Better or worse than GarageBand or online classes?
  4. Passwords and online security
    1. Google 2 step verification
    2. What can students do to protect themselves
    3. Lifehackers 5 best Password managers
    4. Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore by Mat Honan at Wired
    5. Hackers Outlaw and Angels – Hacker documentary
  5. iOS app of the week – Ticket to Ride
    1. $1.99

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 55 – I want a Portal gun – February 7, 2013”

  1. Hey guys, I’m the physics teacher who uses Portal 2. Let me know if y’all have any more questions about teaching with Portal 2. I’d be happy to clarify how exactly my students learned with a video game.

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