Podcast Episode 56 – Admiral Akbar “It’s a trap!” February 14, 2013


Image from: http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25400000/Admiral-Ackbar-admiral-ackbar-25449434-394-445.jpg

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone (well belated a little). We at IT Babble celebrated the most romantic way possible . . . talking ed tech. Check out the agenda to probably our funniest show to date. As always find us on iTunes and PodOmatic.

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day
    1. What tech will you use with your special someone
      1. Keep it clean Omar
  2. IT Babble’s Special Podcast with the middle school English department
    1. Talking about a real tech integration examples
    2. Talking about challenges
  3. Why Aren’t Teachers More Innovative? by John Spencer http://www.educationrethink.com
    1. He doesn’t blame teachers but bad policy
    2. Even if your school has a bad policy how can technology liberate you?
  4. Never Forget a Face(book): Memory for Online Posts Beats Faces and Books
    1. “Mind-ready” writing
    2. More online resources?
  5. I Really Don’t Like LiveBinders.com and Neither Should You

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