The BBC has no idea what Facebook, bad language, or hacking is, but they do know how to get PWND.

I posted the video separately so it would be easy for mobile users.  If you have not watched it, watch it here.

Who is Jeff Jarvis? Well he is a professor at a major university, an author, a blogger, and someone who believes that being PUBLIC is better than being PRIVATE. I know this because every week, for about 2 years, I have been listening to him on an awesome podcast called, This Week in Google.

The BBC, very stupidly, did not research Jeff. They must have Google’d him and found his name under “respected internet blogger” or something. Maybe they read that he has a book called What Would Google Do and another one called Public Parts? Who knows what they did, but whatever they did to decide to interview him was a MISTAKE. He is vocally against scare-mongering.

The BBC, like other major news outlets, only seem to report stories that reinforce techno-fear. It is clear that they have no idea how the internet works, social networks function, or people communicate. They apparently do not even know what improper language is. I have many friends from the UK, and with all due respect to them, they make my attempt at bad language sound like a Disney song. I am certain this BBC reporter, and the viewers, were in no way shocked at Jeff’s harsh words.

We call them major media outlets, or mainstream media, but the fact is they have grown all but useless. If they focused on better research, in-depth stories not motivated and controlled by advertisements, and translating true expert testimony then they would be a significant force against all the bloggers and reddit fans. Instead, the public, at least the people I interact with, seem to always confirm the NEWS by reading a blog. If they cannot confirm it on a blog, then they assume the NEWS is just wrong or on-the-take.

I read sites like Slashdot everyday, because it is timely and balanced. I it is written by amateur writers, who are professionals in other areas. Yes they have grammar issues, but who cares, their reporting is at least summarized enough so that a normal person can consider the story and do further research.

@BCC – distorting stories to scare people is only going to make them numb when something really bad happens. I believe you are being paid with public funds, so this should be considered gross negligence.

@Jeff Jarvis – Thank you for not even allowing them to proceed. You shut them down, and made them look like fools. They had no information or research, and clearly no where to go but to commercial.

Tony DePrato

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