Podcast episode 57 – Technopanic! – February 21, 2013



This episode is a keeper folks. A real humdinger! Check out the agenda below.

  1. Jeff Jarvis and “Technopanic” – Read Tony’s post about it here and watch Jeff on the BBC here
    1. Institutions being informed
    2. Technopanic in schools & homes
  2. Copyright and issues in education – A chart to help us
    1. Have you ever broken the law?
    2. Here is a unit on teaching copyright from the Electronic Frontier
  3. Shout out to Cameron Pittman and his blog http://physicswithportals.com/
    1. Do we have any questions for him?
  4. Why Confusion Can Be a Good Thing – by Annie Murphy Paul at Mind/Shift
    1. People hate this feeling
    2. How to get teachers doing this more?
  5. Single Missions vs Swarm Logic – Tony’s post
  6. How do you Google?
    1. Less is more
    2. Any tips tricks?

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