Podcast episode 60 – Chuck Norris’s Holy Beard – March 21, 2013


The whole gang is back in this fantastic episode. Check out the agenda below.

  1. The BYOD Playbook by Tony DePrato
    1. Where to get it – www.byodplaybook.com
    2. Price – Free right now!
  2. Redefining what PD looks like using Google Apps
    1. PD rolled out for 200 people
    2. Very similar experience for everyone
    3. Advantages
    4. Disadvantages
  3. Tutoring online – Friend/Foe – Tutoring 2.0: 5 startups bringing one-to-one instruction to the web – Ki Mae Heussner from GigaOm
    1. Tutoring over the Interwebs
    2. A lot cheaper than having your own live tutor
      1. Study edge – purely online
      2. Tutorspree helps you find a tutor and manages bookings and payment
      3. Course Hero – Tons of online resources and you can ask questions to a “tutor” who is online – competitive pricing
      4. Tutor.com – expensive but any time access about anything and charges by the hour –  using chat and shared whiteboard
    3. Thoughts about the impact of moving more educational resources online
  4. Teaching the last backpack generation – by Zachary Walker from Smartblog on Education
    1. focus more on point 1 (There is freedom in being willing to fail in front of students) with teachers? we do tell kids to try again until they succeed, what is wrong with convincing teachers this is the way to learn new tech on their own?
  5. Google Keep – Google’s note taking service
    1. Do you take notes online?
    2. Is this a viable option right now?
    3. Try it here – www.drive.google.com/keep
  6. Chuck Norris shaved his beard
    1. What does this mean to future of humanity?

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