WolframAlpha + Quadratic Equations = Clarity


If Google is the master of the web search, then WolframAlpha is the master of quantifiable data searches. Ummm-what does that mean? Pretty much anything that has to do with statistics or numbers and it is on the internet can be searched, but it does far-far more than that. WolframAlpha can compare two topics statistically such as, which has more calories: a Big Mac or the Whopper? Yep, WolframAlpha can help you there. Check out some other examples below:

  • Compare statistical data
  • Get details about historical events
  • Sports data
  • Tons of weather data and comparison
  • and more

Below is a video of how WolframAlpha can help you solve quadratic equations (the nemesis of many math students). Check it out below and if you have a great use for WolframAlpha leave it in the comments

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