Podcast episode 62 – Omar’s RICH!


Humdinger is the adjective used to describe this week’s podcast. I am joined by Omar and Tony as we discuss and probe the inner workings of educational technology . . . and some other stuff.

  1. Happy birthday Kendra, Aidan and Hardi
  2. Tony’s post Backup to Fail or Backup to Win
    1. We added this as an essential tech skills last  week
  3. I’m RICH! – Patrick’s post about how wealth compares across the world not just your home country
  4. How could you use this in class?
    1. ITGS ideas?
    2. How rich are you?
  5. How to Escape the Cult of “Busy” by Janet Choi   from LifeHacker
    1. Teachers find themselves overly “busy” often
    2. Your tips to getting things done/prioritizing/etc.
    3. How to avoid being overly busy
    4. Slack by Tom DeMarco
    5. Getting Things Done by David Allen
  6. Should Sara buy this or wait…

She is going to college to study graphic design and this dude at the school said she needed what is below for next August.  

“So I emailed the college and asked them exactly what the requirements for the Mac I need are, they said this:
MacBook Pro 15″
8Gb Ram
2.4 Ghz processor
Ethernet adaptor

Applications used over 2 years:

Photoshop for sure, I assume finalcut will be used. the courses really just keep saying general things, traditional animation techniques will be explored, learning about HTML and CSS, and javascript. ToonBoom software (Level 1) and Macromedia Flash, Adobe AfterEffects and DVD Studio Pro

Students will also develop a thorough understanding of Adobe AfterEffects as used in the video editing process including the importing and exporting of video clips from Final Cut Pro.  They will also learn the basics of video manipulation and special effects generation.

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