Podcast episode 63 – April 25, 2013 – We can’t read that


Armed only with Tony and Preston we were able to pull off another epic podcast this week. We talk about the illusion of privacy on the Internet, electronic exams and much more. Check out the agenda below.

  1. Welcome back Preston
  2. Why do educational organizations shy away from electronic final exams (or cornerstone assessments)?
    1. What’s the problem bro?
    2. What would it look like ideally?
    3. Will this happen? If so when?
  3. David Allen Explains Why Methods Matter More by Alan Henry of Lifehacker
    1. Author of Getting Things Done
    2. He talks about you need to be consistent and keep using it.
    3. Everything should go into your GTD system
  4. I can’t find the piece
    1. How Tony forces students to think laterally and creatively
  5. The Most Deranged Soroity Girl Email You Will Ever Read – by Caity Weaver from Gawker
    1. Lessons from the sorority-girl e-mail rant by Doug Gross CNN
    2. What should happen to this girl
    3. She was wrong to send this but where her sisters wrong to leak it?
    4. What will happen to the person who leaked this?
    5. Michael Shannon reading the email (DEFINITELY NSFW)
  6. Preston’s Dream has come true..and Omar is also excited….
    1. http://mashable.com/2013/04/23/pizza-hut-xbox/

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