spam, Spam, SPAM!!


One reason I really like WordPress is that they block a lot of spam from entering our hallowed comment section. Blogger also does a nice job too for the record. Just between you and me, I like to go to spam section and read some of the comments and I thought – what the heck! It doesn’t have anything to do with education and not much to do with technology, but it makes me smile. I thought I’d share them with you, the happy reader. Just scroll on down. I hope this leaves brings a smile to your face and brightens your day a little.

Contestant #1

I love how this site (I’ve blurred the link on purpose) suggests that I am his reason for living. Very touching and concerning. I was writing about copyright at the time which often brings out such emotions. Thanks guys! And don’t worry too much. I only possess a few blogs too.

Contestant #2

I’m this guy’s dude! Sweet bro. What problem with my RSS feed? Let me click on your link right away to find out what that could be. Yep, notice how it wanted to leave a comment on a page with 0 views. Not too smart.

Contestant #3

Holy crap! I have no idea what this spam bot is trying to convey but the words “jail”, “frightening” and “threatening calls” are all thrown together. Well it must be serious. I’ll make sure to add that to our podcast agenda for episode 64 and hopefully inform our viewers/listeners. 🙂

Contestant #4

You can’t disappear completely either! Here I was thinking I was the only one! Now I have reason to live. Oh how did you like our podcast episode?

Contestant #5

Chuck Norris can have that affect on people. I don’t blame you my man. I don’t blame you.

If you have some funny comments you’ve ever run across feel free to add them to our comments here!

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