Podcast episode 69 – Welcome Jilene and Isaac

A new school year and some new episodes. Check out the agenda below and listen to us on iTunes or Podomatic.

  1. Patrick’s new job…5-10 minutes about his thoughts after his first full week
  2. Why do teachers steal ?
  3. Summer disconnect – after summer people seem to not remember anything.
  4. Linked In — what? Colleges? And people stop ENDORSING ME!
  5. “Get ’em young: That could be LinkedIn’s new motto, after the professional-networking Websiteopened itself up to universities and students. LinkedIn’s University Pages offer schools a place to post updates about campus news and activities; they can also link to famous alumni, who will doubtlessly love when a couple thousand students try to connect with them all at once. ces with its teen audience.”
  6. Students’ use of laptops in class lowers grades: Canadian study



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