Back in the Saddle – First Post of the school year.

Although there is much going on, I still think it is important to write, podcast, and keep track of all that is happening. In the last few weeks, I have been dealing with massive amounts of mess and change. As usual, many counter productive summer activities around the campus neatly untied once nicely tied knots.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing and documenting the process of leaving a job I have had for a very long time, and the steps I am taking to prepare for a new job in a very different environment. 

I am moving from Dubai to Shanghai, and so the infrastructure and ways of working are completely different. In Dubai, we are cloud-sourced and running things off-campus. In Shanghai, we have to run everything ourselves and add extra layers of privacy.

Technologies I am looking at now to improve the new school’s infrastructure and communication workflow are: 

  1. Bit Sync
  2. Bit Message
  3. Drupal and its many modules
  4. Advanced MIME and Language technologies for Bi-Lingual staff
  5. Moodle based media management
  6. Private iTunes content for low bandwidth environments
  7. Self paced online PD for technology that scores performance.

Some of this I have done before, some is all new. The best part though, I will be back in a mostly Linux environment for the backend. The biggest problem with tech in Dubai is the blind acceptance of doing things “Microsoft”. Like anything, nothing is everything. Listening to Microsoft drones really makes my brain hurt. 

If you have never listened to the PODCAST, then subscribe with iTunes.  Start back about 10-15 episodes and work your way to the present. 

More to post in a few days after the current projects are done and there is time to reflect.

Tony DePrato

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