Podcast epiosed 78 – Drone this!


It’s been a long time away but now we are back stronger than ever! This episode we welcome back Cara, Preston, myself and Tony (sort of – Skype issues). Check out the agenda below and enjoy!

  1. Welcome back Cara!
  2. Drone delivery – How will this affect schools?
    1. Read about in TechCrunch here.
    2. Can kids be delivered by drones to school?
  3. Amazon goes crazy predictive
    1. Read it from the Washington Post here.
    2. Could schools use a predictive system like this?
  4. Coding in Schools
    1. Should it mandatory?
    2. Treated as a separate subject like a foreign language?
  5. Good decision/Bad decisions
    1. Internet awareness
  6. How to explain complex concepts to people – Post from Lifehacker by Thorin Kloswski
    1. How does tech help you with this?

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