Edmodo – A guide to explain it all

It is no secret that I love Edmodo. I personally think it is the best online learning management system out there. I mean it’s free, easy to use, pretty darn powerful and can be easily be deployed in elementary schools all the way up to universities. At any rate, I’ve made this guide quite a few times before and here is the latest and greatest one yet. It contains 50+ pages of pure Edmodo goodness. Feel free to download, distribute it and use it as you like.

You can download it from Scribd or from right HERE.

1 thought on “Edmodo – A guide to explain it all”

  1. Thank you so much for posting the Edmodo guide! I’ve seen it a few times, heard others comment on it, but needed to find out more about it before deciding if it’ll be worth the investment of time and effort to utilizing it for my classroom. I first needed to see if this app has stood the test of time as I am looking for a way to add a website link to my classroom website where students and homework can see the homework assignments. It looks like it has stood the test of time. I’m also looking for apps that do not require student accounts with emails as my elementary students typically do not have those yet, and Edmodo seems to make this super easy with access codes. There are a few parents that do not trust their son’s/daughter’s telling of how many or how little homework assignments were assigned for the day, and could benefit from Edmodo when the teacher is no longer accessible via phone. I like that it has a space for students to post comments. They can even post answers and explanations on Edmodo right? Thanks to these articles, I’ll finally open up this already downloaded app.

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