Teachers & Administrators: Please Take the Assessment Reporting Survey

Teachers and Administrators, 

I need some data on how you do assessment reporting at your school. This survey is quick, and can be totally anonymous. This is for some research I am working-on.

Assessment Reporting Survey

Tony DePrato


1 thought on “Teachers & Administrators: Please Take the Assessment Reporting Survey”

  1. Hey Tony,

    I am unable to complete your survey, as we are a standards-based grading school. 🙂

    *For question 1, For how often are you required to report…*

    It varies by department and division. In the math department we see regular (1xweek) reporting, but in our English departments, once every two weeks. In our lower grades, they blog once a week about what is happening in class and report once a semester. There are no report cards in the high school, only transcripts, and in the middle school, reports are printed twice a year. The Elementary school prints report cards twice a year.

    *For question 3, Are you allowed to enter letter grades only…*

    We use 2 different grade scales for achievement (1-7), and for approaches to learning (1-4 – which are never expressed numerically only through the indicators). We also have some pass / fail classes, and some classes which use a different scale (1 to 10, 0 to 5).

    *For question 5, how often do you comment…*

    Teachers are required to enter an assignment comment when a grade is below a 3. We require all teachers to have a comment at reporting time, which is by semester.

    *For question 11, I am primarily a….* I’m K-12 🙂

    One other point – we only have formal reporting 4 times a year (quarterly). Teachers are asked to keep their online, live gradebook up to date as they see fit.

    I hope this data helps your research

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