Five terrible movies you can’t show your students

I love movies – for a good part of my high school and university career I worked in a movie theater to pay for school, food and … after school activities 🙂

Since the winter break is nearly here for most of us, some teachers will “reward” thier students with a little popular culture in class. Here are some movies that you should avoid-no matter how safe or fun they look. I’ve got a wide variety on here from elementary school on up through university. Just stay away from them all. If not, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Number 5 – New Year’s Eve

I tried to watch this mess. I really did but couldn’t get through it. I thought it maybe could be somewhat appropriate with its PG–13 rating, you know for teens, but … wow! It is pretty terrible. If you are striving to become an unpopular teacher than by all means turn this one on, sit back and let the disappointment float your way.

Number 4 – Jack Frost

I love me some Michael Keaton but there was a period when he was churning out lousy movies and this one nearly takes the cake. Basically Michael Keaton is a dad, has an accident, his son plays a magic harmonica and Michael Keaton comes back to life as a snowman. Oh yeah, the movie is far worse than the description. His son isn’t likable the snowman effects look terrible (even for that time) and the movie has enough sweetness to drop anyone into a diabetic coma. Steer clear my fellow educators.

Number 3 – 2010

This isn’t really a holiday movie but it was released during the holidays – so I’m stretching a bit.

The follow up to the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey is this well cast movie penned by Arthur C. Clarke. Too bad, the movie is vastly different the source material. Instead of being a fantastic adventure of exploring something unexplainable it devolves into a 1980’s cold war propaganda where the Americans save the day. Just thinking about this movie leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s well cast but man it sucks hard. Read the book to your students – it will be a far better experience.

Number 2 – Thumbelina

I was working at a movie theater and had to watch it – at least I got paid for it. Lousy animation, lousy voice acting just lousy all around. If you’re looking for a good Don Bluth movie – there are plenty out there that will suffice. Stay away from this one though – your students will thank you.

Number 1 – Jack and Jill

Happy to say I never saw this one but based on the reviews and his latest Grown Ups movies I can only guess that this thing deserves to be left in the 1$ DVD bin. I doubt your students will find it amusing and I’m sure neither will you.

Well, that’s it – what other movies should your colleagues not play for their students. Leave your choices in the comments.

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