Podcast Episode 83 – A Dude Named Ben


 Two weeks in a row! One has to ask oneself – is this the end of the world? Will Omar post on Facebook next? Only time will tell. It was another great episode even though it was only Tony and I.  Check out the agenda below and be sure to find us on iTunes and Podomatic.

  1. Tony’s Post – How to Help Your Dude Named Ben
  2. Should this be discussed in schools
    1. CBS Reporter killed in Virginia
    2. photos, videos (even first person video) all over the Internet c. Gawker’s take on it – http://gawker.com/this-is-a-good-newspaper-front-page-1726946476
  3. Shorter work week? How about a shorter school week? a. Gizmodo article by Matt Novak
    1. What would a shorter work look like for schools?
    2. Are we going there already?
    3. Less teachers/buildings more schools and more common area?
  4. The Inverted U – Tony’s Mistake

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