Episode 84 – Subscription Bloat

Here is your weekly IT Babble podcast. Another fantastic episode with Tony and myself. Next week we will have a larger panel for a more diverse discussion, but in the mean time sink your teeth into some great topics. Check out the agenda below, subscribe to us on iTunes, Podomatic or listen to us right here on IT Babble. I love choices!

  1. Subscription bloat?
    1. What are they
    2. Do we need them
    3. How many is too much
    4. What else can we do with the money?
    5. Who makes that call
  2. Facebook in Education
    1. Article by Casey Newton Inside Facebook’s plan to build a better school
    2. Summit Denali (public charter school in Sunnyvale, CA)
    3. 99% go to college
    4. Their program that lets students work at their own pace
    5. The PLP and Chromebooks
    6. We’re only talking about 700 students though
  3. IT Standards for everyone
    1. ISTE Nets Standards
    2. SAMR
  4. 17-Year-Old American Sentenced to Eleven Years In Prison For Tweets Supporting ISIS
    1. Article in Gizmodo by Matt Novak
    2. Cautionary tale
    3. Nothing is private
    4. Right or wrong?

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