Episode 86 – On Tests!

Another week and another fantastic podcast. Check out the agenda below and as always you can subscribe to us on iTunes and Podomatic or listen right here! Check out the agenda below.

  1. The future of education in a world of automation – Tim’s topic 

    1. http://www.nltimes.nl/2015/02/10/self-driving-trucks-tested-dutch-highway/ 
    2. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1098997_uber-ceo-to-tesla-sell-me-half-a-million-autonomous-electric-cars-in-2020 
    3. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/chinese-factory-replaces-90-of-humans-with-robots-production-soars/ 
    4. Universal Basic Income 
  2. Computers Do Not Improve Pupil Results 

    1. Who ever said they would? 
    2. Read the comments 
    3. Research First, Angry Email Later 
  3. Tony’s post about dealing with difficult situations 
  4. Top 10 Skills We Wish Were Taught in Schools but Usually Aren’t by Whitson Gordon 

    1. What do you think?  
  5. Why technological life in China is better than where you are right now – Tim’s Topic 

    1. Xiaomi – the poor mans Apple. 
    2. Taobao – The Silk Road without BitCoin and assassins.  
    3. Using a VPN is actually more practical than not. 
    4. Dear MPAA, I’ll torrent and seed as much as I want. 
    5. WeChat 4 Lyf 

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