Want to make an app? Better research first!

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about making apps with students. I think it could be a great idea, but if you think you’re going to pair students off and then have them make an app in 4–6 weeks you should think again. While it might be fun, it greatly underestimates the time, cost and work needed to develop even a simple app.

Check out the infographic below to get a sense of what it really takes. The infographic is created by The Nine Hertz a company that actually makes apps.

Instead we suggest making a few apps with an entire class over a period of time. Give them a budget, guidelines and a direction and have them go at it. This will invloved negotiating with art designers, coders, getting it approved, marketing and constantly revisions and upkeep.

If that sounds unrealistic (hey-money and time doesn’t grow on trees), then look at programs like GameSalad to create apps quickly. There are others out there, but GameSalad is among the best.



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