Have You Tried Turning It On and Off Again – Have you said ‘Thank You’ recently?


As the holiday season approaches, it is time for everyone to stop using their smart phones,
close down the browser windows, smash their Apple Watches with a ball-peen hammer, and take a walk.

Walk down the hall, through the courtyard, across the sports field, etc. and find the hidden members of your school’s IT Department. Take five minutes to say, “Thank you.” Take them some food, give them a gift card, or just appologize for that time when you lost your mind over a meaningless IT issue (you know which time I am referring).

Twice every year, without drawing attention to myself, I try and get the campus to focus on the people in the department who work behind the scenes to keep things working, and to make new ideas a reality.

The truth is, most interactions IT departments have with people are not positive ones.
Days can be spent wading through a sea of negativity trying to find a solution to a problem
caused by someone else. Process can break from mandatory updates that seem to be the opposite of updates and more like a cruel joke.  Tempers will flare when a cable breaks, and the person coming to help does not have a magic cable break repair gun.

Since October 1st, my department has complete 530 posted support tickets. Since I know
many people walk into the office for help, or send unauthorized support emails, I would estimate we have completed around 850 support jobs outside of the office and hundreds more with those coming into the offices – since October 1st.

Like most clandestine groups, we are only known for our failures. So this is a great time to get into the holiday spirit, and say “Thank you.” And obviously, for the next few days before school holidays begin, save your IT Department the effort, and just turn it on and off again.

Happy Holidays from Everyone at IT Babble and the IT Babble Podcast

Tony DePrato



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