Episode 118 – Parlez Vous Xerox?


Tim, Tony and Patrick talk about OneDrive at great length and the new Xerox translation service. Check out the talking points below.

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OneDrive Can Now Scan Your Whiteboard or Documents, Turn Them Into PDFs by Eric Ravenscraft of LifeHacker
a. Link: http://lifehacker.com/onedrive-can-now-scan-your-whiteboard-or-documents-tur-1764240572
b. A game changer?
c. Groups
d. Thoughts
e. Watch out though if you’re a Windows 10 user

Xerox Photocopiers Can Now Translate Whatever You’re Copying by Andrew Liszewski
a. Thoughts?
b. http://gizmodo.com/xerox-photocopiers-can-now-translate-whatever-youre-cop-1764028266

You can download the MP3 file HERE!

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