SoundCloud ☹

I’ve talked about SoundCloud before as a good, free service for classes and schools to use to publish podcasts. I mean there are Android and iOS apps which make posting dead simple. You can also find some pretty great music and other quality podcasts on the site too.

In the past couple of years there have been articles that SoundCloud is in financialtrouble. These articles have been around and people have been wondering how and when (if at all) the much beloved service would become profitable. I mean it has a really large user base, depending on where you look it looks like there are between 50-200 million users.

Well the news today is definitely not good. SoundCloud has closed two offices and laid off  40% of its staff. Not a sign of a company moving in the right direction. Apparently the people at Soundcloud are making this move in an effort to become profitable, but time will tell and it seems like an extreme action.

If you or your school uses SoundCloud it may be time to think of finding a new provider to host your podcasts.

There are a bunch out there. IT Babble uses Podomatic (the free version) there are other options out there. Rather than me drone on, I figured I would like to a pretty concise article from TechNorms.

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