A 360 app for your smartphone is handy

This is a quick post and I hope you find a helpful one. Our school, like many I suspect, do deep cleaning in classrooms throughout the year – especially during long breaks such as winter, spring break and of course the summer break.

Whether you have carpet or not in the classroom these deep cleaning sessions usually require all the classroom furniture to be removed and then put back. The carpets or floors would then be cleaned. Then after that is done the furniture needs to be moved back.

You either know the problem or can foresee the problem. When everything is moved back into the classroom you could get the wrong number of desks or desks arranged incorrecrtly. Either way, as a teacher it is always a “thrill” to return after a long break to find that instead of planning for the first hour before students arrive you have to rearrange and go searching for missing desks, chairs, shelves or supplies.

Why not use your smartphone to take a pciture of the classroom many might be saying. True this is a huge help, but sometimes it doesn’t encompass everything needed. Enter a 360 camera app for the smartphone. This app will let a person stand in the middle of the room and capture, in more detail, what and how a room should look.

You can find plenty of these apps on the Google Play and Apple’s app stores. The one I tried out is called Panorma 360 by Occipital. This app is fast and quick and does a fantastic job – period. It does cost money ($1.99). Check out a quick Gif below of one of the classrooms.

You can check out the actual 360 online here (sorry it will not embed).

I think this little app can help make the facilities staff (in fact this idea came from one of our own) get it right (or as close as possible) and to help alleviate fears from the staff that their rooms may look like this after a winter break.

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