Kaizena update – Resolve comments

I posted my review less than a week ago and already there is an update! One item I did take notice of but forgot to mention in my post was the fact that Kaizena cannot Resolve comments like the standard commenting system in Google Docs offers. If you are unfamiliar with this feature it allows a person to add a comment and once the comment has been acted upon the comment can be Resolved and the comment then disappears. Check out the GIF below.

Now Kaizena can do this. When you see a comment that another person has left you, if you move your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the comment you will see three dots.

When you click those dots a new window will replace the comment with two options as you can see below.

When you click the Resolve button the comment will disappear. I am sure some of you out there are concerned that this good feedback should not be discarded. Kaizena agress with you. At the top of the Kaizena side window is a drop down menu that is kind of hard to see.

By default it shows all Open or unresolved comments. If you click it you can chose between View all, Open and Resolved. You got it. It will show you just those comments.

Another neat feature is the ability to turn a comment into a Lesson. I probably would have liked to save it as a Skill as well but this is pretty nice. The catch here is that you can only save those comments that you have added as a lesson. You cannot save another person’s comments.

It works the same way as resolving. Move your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the comment and click on the three dots. You will then see a menu with four options.

That’s the update I hope you try Kaizena out if you and your school use G Suite.


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