Use Drupal? Patch it now

Use Drupal? Patch it now

Drupal is a popular and free open source CMS that a number of schools use. For the average person it is not too difficult to set up and run and since you can assign roles and permissions to different people you can allow for a bunch of people to contribute to the school website without them accidentally tripping, changing or deleting each other’s content.

That being said there are times when immediate action must be taken to secure the Drupal site and that is happening now. I saw this on Slashdot yesterday and it says there is an exploit.

Patching Drupal is usually pretty easy and there are a bunch of websites out there to help you. In fact from Drupal’s homepage you can read the details about it, which Drupal versions have the vulnerability, the file to patch it and how to patch it.

You can read that here.

I like Drupal and have used it in the past. It’s nowhere as pretty or easy to use as FinalSite but it is pretty impressive with what functionality you can get out of it with a little bit of work.

Drupal on my friends!

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