Covid -19 – We’re closed :(

Like many other schools around the world we have closed due to the Coronavirus. In light of these circumstances I thought I would share our school’s Distance Learning Plan. I’ve embeded it below, but if you would like a link to the Google Doc please click here. From there you can make a copy.

Hopefully this plan can help you in this unusual time or even in the future. I’ve gone ahead and changed our schools name in the plan and have removed all names as well so there may be some parts that sound a little odd. Here is what you need to know about our school.

  • We are pre-school to grade 8
  • We are 1:1 devices from grades 5-8
  • We have an LMS and school portal for parents and students
  • We utilize G-Suite for Education

5 thoughts on “Covid -19 – We’re closed :(”

  1. Hey. I am a middle school English and Social Studies teacher. We are using Google Classroom. I put these expectations together for my classes, and thought I would share in case it could help anyone. Having some experience with online learning, both as a student and a teacher, I can tell you there is but one cardinal rule: Communication, communication, communication. For what it is worth. Copy the below into a Word Document. It looks beautiful with 1-inch margins and is exactly 1 page. Sorry not able to provide attachment. A little re-formatting will be required.

    ELA 6 – 8 and Social Studies 7 – 8

    Instructor: Evan Brees Office Hours: 8 – 1 Mon – Fri

    Class work email General email Cell (I prefer texting)
    (360) 463-7841

    Class Codes: ELA 6
    uacqrj5 SS 7
    togo2co ELA 8
    y2gdh6u ELA 7
    x3unmib SS 8

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Daily assignments and activities will be posted to Google Classroom by 9 AM each day.
    • I will post a daily announcement in the comment stream.
    a. Respond to the daily announcement every day for participation points. This is how I will know that you are checking in each day.
    b. The daily announcement post is also where I will answer any questions you may have about your work for that day.
    c. Your daily communication with me will be worth 100 (yes, 100) participation points each week. Communication is the key to online learning success! Reach out to me for any reason that has to do with class! I want you to be successful!

    1) Check-in each day
    2) Ask questions
    3) Respond to student comments
    4) Post your work on time

    • All assignments are due by the due date given on the assignment!
    • Late work must be posted by the end of that week (11:59 PM Sunday).

    • Grades will be updated every Friday afternoon. Check Skyward
    • All communication on Google Classroom or email needs to be professional and school-appropriate. Students who do not obey this expectation will be muted.
    • I will be inviting your parents to join the class when you accept the invitation to join, too. Your parent(s) will be getting assignments at the same time you do. The reason I am doing this is to encourage your success in this learning format.
    • I encourage you to get help from your parents or other adults. Help does not mean getting them to give you answers or doing it for you, though! All work completed must be your own. Be sure to provide all sources when posting your work to avoid plagiarism.


  2. Hi Patrick,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope you don’t mind but I have added this to a document I wrote initially for teachers in Azerbaijan. “KickStart | A basic Online Learning Strategy”.öyrən-onlayn. I have cited the work being by you and have linked your name to the ITBABBLE Blog. I hope that’s ok!?

    Mark Stone

    1. Mark – you bet! Feel free to share it, modify it or criticize it. The more discussion people have about this will hopefully refine it. Always looking to make it better 🙂

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