Blackbaud & Google Assignments W/ Drive

Blackbaud & Google Assignments W/ Drive

This video explains how to use the Google Assignments Integration within Blackbaud’s OnSuite LMS.

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5 thoughts on “Blackbaud & Google Assignments W/ Drive”

  1. Hi Toni. Just reaching out to see if you have any idea about this. When students resubmit an assignment through Google Assignments, it removes the grade they received the first time they submitted. Do you know if there’s a way to keep that from happening – to keep the original grade but allow them to resubmit? Our Blackbaud administrator doesn’t know where that would be on the back end. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I am assuming that if the data or action does not work in Blackbuad, you will not have success even if Google traditionally supports it. The solution is very Blackbaud Centric.

  3. Hi! Thank you for this video. I’d love to stop double posting to Blackbaud and Google Classroom, so I’m testing the Google Assignments integration right now. This big problem I see is that the integrated Google Assignments in Blackbaud does not allow me to grade with my ipad and apple pencil like I can with Google Classroom. I generally mark up and return all my students’ work like this as it’s much faster and better for correcting math and science work. Is there a fix for this in the Blackbaud integration?

  4. Hi! Have you been able to figure out how to attach a template file to a Google Assignment? It seems like you can’t. Is this a glitch?

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