Blackbaud & Google Assignments W/ Drive

Blackbaud & Google Assignments W/ Drive

This video explains how to use the Google Assignments Integration within Blackbaud’s OnSuite LMS.

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2 thoughts on “Blackbaud & Google Assignments W/ Drive”

  1. Hi! Thank you for this video. I’d love to stop double posting to Blackbaud and Google Classroom, so I’m testing the Google Assignments integration right now. This big problem I see is that the integrated Google Assignments in Blackbaud does not allow me to grade with my ipad and apple pencil like I can with Google Classroom. I generally mark up and return all my students’ work like this as it’s much faster and better for correcting math and science work. Is there a fix for this in the Blackbaud integration?

  2. Hi! Have you been able to figure out how to attach a template file to a Google Assignment? It seems like you can’t. Is this a glitch?

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