Buying Chromebooks next year? ORDER NOW!

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This is more of a PSA than an opinion or review. If you are a school who buys/leases Chromebooks every year go ahead and order them now! From vendors I’ve talked to there is a backlog of Chromeook orders waiting to be filled. In fact we ordered 10 replacement Chromebooks in November of 2020 and are still waiting on them on now at the start of February 2021.

I’m lucky – I work at a small school and was able to plead my case to our business office who understood in a flash and said to go ahead and order them. I’d rather them come early than late.

Tony mentioned that going for business oriented Chromebooks as opposed to the traditional educational flavors. They may have a little more processing power and storage & memory which makes them a little pricer but as Tony pointed out – they are available now.

Also, to sweeten the deal (so to speak) Chromebook Educational License will increase from $30 to $38 per device. This change will take place on March 9, 2021 as you can read here in Google’s own blog. This may not be too big of a deal if you are ordering 15-50 Chromebooks but then again if you order a bunch of Chromebooks I can see that adding up quickly.

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