The Homer!

Season 1 – Episode 7 – The Homer!

Tony and Patrick are at it again. Check out their continued conversation about AI in education and its implications along with some newer features for Google Classroom coming on the horizon. Check out the show notes below and as always, please subscribe to us using your favorite podcasting app.

  1. Skype and the new Bing AI
  2. AI update from Tony – round one will fail because it is annoying
    1. Tony’s prediction – AI is great but will fail because it is annoying
  3. ChatGPT terms of service – the same as they were – and impossible to use legally if you are a Google Workspace School
  4. Google and Google Bard in AI
  5. Class sets for Google Classroom
    2. Announced a year ago
    3. Fuzzy details
    4. Stick with Edulastic or similar products

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