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Educational technology is arguably one of the most important facets of education today. IT Babble is dedicated to writing and talking about these issues that face schools all around the world. You can find everything from reviews and guides for an individual teacher to philosophical ideas and policies that can affect an entire district.

We also have a podcast that we regularly publish on iTunes. You can find it HERE.

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21 thoughts on “About IT Babble”

  1. hello sir ,
    my name is pavish kumat singh i am from india sir i have watched your video on youtube that how to go from one scene to another scene in flash animation but sir when i tried this is working but when i did this for scene 2 to jump for scene 3 it is not working what will be in the action script in scene 2 so that i can jump from scene 2 to scene 3
    thanking you

    1. James – thanks for the notice. We host our podcast with Podomatic and they are supposed to include that info in the XML feed. I’ve contacted their support about the issue and hopefully it will be resolved soon. What do you think of the new shorter podcasts?

      1. I like them. I also like the improved sound quality, since some of the previous podcasts had too much outside background noise. I also recommend that you guys contact http://www.edupodcastnetwork.com/ and get on their network. Would be nice to get your podcast out there. I find it informative and entertaining and unfortunately too many education podcasts are more on the boring side.

      2. James,

        Thanks for the comments. Podomatic got back to me and they said this happens from time to time on iTunes and that it usually “fixes” itself in a week or two so I’ll keep an eye on it. As for the suggestion to join the edupodcastnetwork I’ll take it under consideration. It looks like a great group.

  2. Hey guys – great blog. We have a similarish one at blog.virtuallyschool.com. If you are every interested in doing some cross posting to boost content on both our blogs, please let us know.

  3. Hi Patrick – I was searching Edmodo to find teachers in different parts of the world that may be willing to collaborate with my students in Pennsylvania USA. I teach Spanish and my students made a VoiceThread about our school. community, sports, pets, etc. We sent the link to several secondary schools in the world that have Spanish as a second language classes. So far a school in Taiwan and a school in Seoul Korea have collaborated with us. I know you teach IT, at least that is what the profile in Edmodo stated, so this project is not something that would interest you. BUT…I’m hoping that you will be able to give me a contact name and e-mail address of any teachers you may know in Dubai that teach Spanish as a second language. It would be exciting for my students (and for me too, I cannot lie), to have a class from Dubai join with us.
    Do you know of anyone that may be interested in our global project?

    1. Dear Cynthia,

      Yes, I loved Edmodo and VoiceThread is pretty darn cool. I’ve had a quick talk with the Spanish teacher at my school (her name is Cynthia too!) and she seems a bit interested. She is unfamiliar with VoiceThread but I can get her caught up on that and hopefully this will happen. It is always exciting to collaborate 🙂 I’ve checked out the VoiceThread on your blog and it looks pretty awesome. I teach in a middle school so I don’t know if our students will be nearly as advanced as yours but it can still work I think. I’ll keep you posted and next time I’ll reach out to you through email.

      Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Hey Guys,
    Been following your blog since I stumbled upon your Edmodo reviews and other LMS challengers to Edmodo. Like you, I have begun keeping a blog to compile all the resources I come across or research for my fellow teachers. This gives them a place to go to find that great (I hope!) idea they need to facilitate learning in their classrooms. Unlike you, my posts aren’t always as great–and I mean that sincerely! I would love to just send them to your site when you post something awesome (like the recent note-taking post) if you don’t mind.

    1. Josh,
      More traffic? Hey that sounds good to me thanks man! We’d also like to do the same for you. I really dig the layout and the theme you have for your blog as well. I can’t wait to see what you write about and the note slate looks pretty awesome. Thanks again for the plug.

    1. Terra,
      Thanks for stopping by. This is truly bizarre. I cannot view it either! I was just sharing this guide with someone on Monday. I’ve contacted Yudu and hopefully will have this resolved soon. Stand by and when it is up and running, I’ll leave a reply. I am also in the process of making a newer, more comprehensive guide for the updated features of Edmodo as well. That should be up on IT Babble in around two weeks.

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