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I teach middle school technology and love to play around with tech and teach students and colleagues alike. You can read my blog at

viewpure – a video tutorial

  Earlier this week I wrote about and I am genuinely pretty impressed with what this service does. Above is a quick video showing it in action and how you can customize YouTube videos of your own choice to … Continue reading

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Episode 149 1/2 – Where’s Omar?

Hello IT Babblers! I know that this is supposed to be episode 150 but Omar had another commitment and couldn’t make so rather than record 150 without him we decided to record 149 1/2 and save 150 for later when … Continue reading

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viewpure and YouTube

Let me lay out a scenario and see if you can relate to it. You have found a great YouTube video (like the one below :)). You want to show it to your class. It has a great explanation, it … Continue reading

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Edublogs, Blogger, and KidBlog – Which should you use?

As you know I read Free Tech for Teachers and I saw this post that Richard wrote about recommending two blogging platforms for teachers. I got to thinking that there are other options out there and in my opinion better … Continue reading

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Mobile devices for 1:1 programs

Mobile devices for 1:1 programs I saw this on the Eduro blog. This isn’t an article though, it is a YouTube conversation. I just realized that their YouTube link doesn’t work so here is the correct link. So they discuss … Continue reading

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Chrome music lab

Yes – this is fun. You may not be aware but Google Chrome has a team that makes something called Chrome Experiments. This thing is just thinking outside the box of what Chrome can do. Most of it is interactive … Continue reading

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A 360 app for your smartphone is handy

This is a quick post and I hope you find a helpful one. Our school, like many I suspect, do deep cleaning in classrooms throughout the year – especially during long breaks such as winter, spring break and of course … Continue reading

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The future of smartphones and teachers

I normally don’t talk about phones and which one is better than the others on IT Babble. I’ve certainly got my opinions but I am intrigued with the Galaxy S9. No, not its camera or Bixby or it display. I’m … Continue reading

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Episode 149 – Useless Tech

Patrick and Tony talk about a bunch of great stuff not just useless tech. As always subscribe to us on iTunes or on your favorite podcasting app! Wikispaces is going away Did you ever use Wikispace Anchor – A … Continue reading

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Anchor – A Review

Anchor says it is “The easiest way to make a podcast. Ever.” Well we will just see about that and also see if it is a good fit for you in the classroom. There are three things that make Anchor … Continue reading

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