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I'm a tech teacher who enjoys long walks on the beach, cries when he sees dolphins and is highly successful...oops, wrong profile. Anyway, I'm a geek at heart who enjoys helping out teachers integrate technology in the classroom

Please Don’t Call Me!

Dont call me for a quote or demo…just gimme instant downloadable trials! I don’t post much here on ITBabble and Patrick rightfully makes fun of my anemic post count. So, what better way than to jump in again with a … Continue reading

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Notice Something Different?

Before you start tagging us sell-outs (hopefully no one is doing that because Patrick can be sensitive),  I wanted to inform you guys that we are testing out adverts on our site. It will be a limited run (30 days … Continue reading

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Virginia wants kids to learn online!

So a new bill in Virginia, where I spent a good portion of my childhood and attended high school is now (starting fall 2013) requiring students to take an online course to graduate. With that news comes a whole lot … Continue reading

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Youtube Trickery

Youtube has become a part of almost every teacher’s repertoire. It is a massive digital library with loads of great stuff. What I want to highlight in a short post is a couple cool little tricks/options when you right click … Continue reading

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Symbaloo missed the mark with my students

“Symbaloo sir? Its more like Symbaloser!” Ouch! I had started a project with my students about one-to-one laptop initiatives. Its very relevant to them as our school is moving in that direction. With loads of articles and blog posts about … Continue reading

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Edutainment … Gamification … Recycling?

So we chatted about educational games in our latest podcast, more specifically DimensionU. I’m working on a longer post about educational games but in the meantime, I found an awesome video that exemplifies gamification. Click on the break and watch … Continue reading

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Dad Shoots Daughters Laptop Over Facebook Comments

The headline,”Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop…” seems sensational but it is very true. It is referring to a viral video on YouTube where a gun totting, good old boy with an IT background finds a post by his daughter on Facebook … Continue reading

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Distracting Gadgets in the Classroom

Facebook fans following friends forfeit focus Top that one people! This article ends in a poll…read through or skip to the end to partake… In a recent article in the Economist  about “Radio Silence” talks of the controversy brought about … Continue reading

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QR Codes Will Revolutinize Education!

NOT! I just watched a video by Kevin Starr (that I will attach below) about the impact of certain initiatives on the communities they are trying to help such as the One Laptop, Life Straw and the likes. Many of … Continue reading

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Recording Your Grading Process

Accuse me of milking the flipped classroom post and Scott Meech’s lengthy comment and I would say – damn skippy! But cute cows are not the focus of this post. The focus is technology in the classroom! More specifically, screen-casting … Continue reading

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