IT Babble’s “How to’s”

On this fantastic page, you will find Omar and Patrick’s tutorials. Some are videos, others are text, but they’re always good info. If you have a tutorial you would like to share or want us to look into, just leave a comment.

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11 Responses to IT Babble’s “How to’s”

  1. Bee says:

    Hello, I uploaded some files for my students to view/download on Edmodo. Is there a way for me to check if they have viewed/downloaded them?
    Great blog btw!

  2. Pam Kroh says:

    You have great stuff on here! I’m fairly new to recording student lectures and using screen capture with them, as well as powerpoints. I noticed on one of your tutorials (can’t remember which one) you had a feature where you highlighted where you wer clicking with a circle and it darkened the remainder of the screen. I love that! Can you share how to do that?!

  3. Mike Snyder says:

    I have a question about edmodo (love and use the site)
    Is there a way to share quizzes with another teacher?


    • Thanks for stopping by Mike.That is a good question. After a little trial and error I found out that you cannot “share” a quiz. However, if that teacher is a member of your class (as a teacher or co-teacher) they can assign the quiz/assignment to the group.

      Hope this helps!


  4. James Gilpin says:

    Hi have watched your vid on templates, just one question. How do I get the txt to disappear when clicked on?

    • James good question. In my experience when I click in the area the place holder text becomes highlighted and when I start typing it just disappears. If you want it to go, try clicking in there and then hitting the space bar. That may make it disappear leaving a blank. I hope this answered your question, but if not please reply. As always thanks for stopping by IT Babble.

      • candiaherman says:

        help…I need to make a daily menu that can be changed each time it is opened and I can’t figure out how to do it….I want the person filling it out to have the option to delete “entree” if they dont’ have one, to add “soup of the day” if they have it etc. can’t figure it out on word can you speak to me directly?

  5. Thanks for the plug. I checked out your blog and man there is a lot of great stuff there. We will be sure to add you to our blogroll. Have a good day.

  6. Great stuff. I have copied the links to your tutorials to my blog. Sort of a compilation of ideas and links on using technology in education.

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