Edmodo Challenger #3 – Schoolbinder


This is the long awaited third challenger: Schoolbinder. This site was a breeze to sign up, has a clean and simple interface and easy to get students in the class. So does all of this (and some other features) add up to a winner? Does Schoolbinder seize the crown from Edmodo? Not even close. There are some serious shortcomings that keep Schoolbinder from being a real competitor. Want more, then hit the link and head past the break to get all the deets (that’s details for short-I love Tom on Parks and Recreation). Of course Omar and I want to hear your opinion too so leave a comment peeps (see how I did that again?).

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Edmodo Challenger #2 – Schoology – UPDATED


Next up in the Edmodo challenge is Schoology. The interface is clean, attractive and pretty easy to use. Getting started is pretty simple as well and they have a whole slew of features that are really helpful. Heck, even some of their features I like more than the Edmodo counterpart! That being said, Schoology does not quite beat out Edmodo, but it is definitely a worthy competitor. Read on past the break to get all the details of where Schoology falls a bit short.

Updated: I made a couple of mistakes pointed out in the comments (thanks Doug Vass and Jeremy Friedman). I’ve left the mistakes but they have been striked out and the corrections have been made in italics underneath.

In short, Schoology is a great platform but I still feel Edmodo edges it out. Read on for the quick review and my conclusions. Oh, and leave a comment too. We love em here at IT Babble.

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Edmodo Challenger #1 – Edu 2.0


The first site to take on the mighty Edmodo is Edu 2.0. To avoid confusion, there is an edu20.org (which is what is being reviewed and discussed today) and an edu20.com (which is a paid site targeting businesses). They are both from the same creator (Graham Glass) and look similar, so if you accidentally stumble upon the other site take a quick peak at the address bar. To get all the details.

So, does Edu 2.0 have what it takes to strip Edmodo of the belt? Have they been taking their vitamins? Are they ready to rumbbbbble? Are they . . . OK this is getting ridiculous. Here’s the answer: no. Edmodo is still better than Edu 2.0 and to get all the details on how I came to this conclusion read on past the break. As always, if you agree, disagree leave a comment. A challenge isn’t a challenge without a little discussing.

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