Back to school with Edmodo


Ah-the beginning of another fine school year. The printers are warm and busy, teachers are shaking hands and hugging each other catching up from the summer holiday and bulletin boards are being covered getting ready for that all important first day of school. Another thing that teachers are getting ready is their Edmodo groups.

If you haven’t heard yet, Edmodo is a learning management system – in fact I dare say it is the most popular one in the world! It’s free to use, powerful and doesn’t take too much time to set up.

Still unsure, then check out my Edmodo guide. You can find it on Scribd here or check it out below.

Edmodo – A guide to explain it all

It is no secret that I love Edmodo. I personally think it is the best online learning management system out there. I mean it’s free, easy to use, pretty darn powerful and can be easily be deployed in elementary schools all the way up to universities. At any rate, I’ve made this guide quite a few times before and here is the latest and greatest one yet. It contains 50+ pages of pure Edmodo goodness. Feel free to download, distribute it and use it as you like.

You can download it from Scribd or from right HERE.

Uh Edmodo? – Timezone confusion

uh EdmodoThe other day two teachers stopped by my room (independently of each other) with the exact same question. They have given assignments to their class and set a due date. However, some of their students have a different due date than the teacher set? Huh? What’s happening?

I have a good idea of what is happening here. The timezone on the teacher’s Edmodo account and the timezone on the student’s Edmodo account is different. Changing these timezones is easy. It’s the same for the teacher’s account as it is for the student’s account. Read on past the break to see how easy it is to do this.

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Uh Edmodo? A question about moderating posts

uh EdmodoI got an email from a teacher who just started using Edmodo who was concerned about how much and what his students were posting in his Edmodo group. He was asking if he could somehow moderate or turn off the students’ ability to post messages. Good news for him, Edmodo gives teachers that control. Check out the guide below to see how easy it is to do it.

Setting students to read only

Read only means just that. Students will only be able to read what is on Edmodo. They will not be able to post anything.

You can make the entire class this way or specific students.

The first step is to click on the Members link.

Setting students to read only

In the Members window, at the top there is a drop down menu called Set All Members to…

Click that and select Read-Only.

This will make all the students in the class read-only.

On the student’s account, students will have still have the ability to send the teacher a direct message, but they will be unable to post to the group.


Making an individual student Read Only

Go back to the Members area of the group.

Select a student from the list.

Making an individual student Read Only

On the right hand side a window will appear with the student’s details.

There is a drop down menu called Access. Click on that and select Read Only.

Now that student does not have the ability to post to the group. Again, they can still send the teacher a direct message.


Moderate posts

To set up a class so that you have to moderate (or approve) a post before it goes public to the group is easy to do as well.

On the far right hand column find the link to Group Settings and click that.

Moderate posts

A new window will pop up. From here click on + Advanced Options.


This window will appear and put a check mark in Moderate all Posts and Replies.

Click Save and that’s it!


What the happens now?

When a student tries to post this message will appear.

What the happens now?

On the teacher Edmodo account there will be a notification for 1 Post to Moderate. The teacher will click that link.


From here the teacher can Approve or Deny. If there are many posts, the teacher can Approve All as well.

This way the teacher can have the control to make sure that what is seen on Edmodo is appropriate and relevant.


Edmodo – You look marvelous!


image source: Photoshopped by Patrick Cauley

One reason I really like Edmodo is their willingness to change and tinker with something that is already works so well. The latest update is a real doozy though. The design has changed, the workflow is more streamlined and some new features have been added. To get all the Edmodo goodness you need to click on past the break. One feature that I’ll tell you about is the ability to schedule assignments and roll them out over time. YES! Now what are you waiting for? Click that link!

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Uh Edmodo? – A very good question from a student


I get lots of questions from all over the world about Edmodo. I am happy to receive and answer as many as I can. Most simply want some clarification on certain features while others are asking if something can be done at all. Last week was a little different. It was from a student who was unsure what their teacher was asking pertaining to an assignment. I like all the questions I get but this one was particularly interesting because it is a question I get from time to time at my own school. Have peaked your interest yet? I hope so. Read on past the break to see what it was.

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Uh Edmodo? – A good question about assignments


I like Edmodo a whole lot but like everything in this crazy life there are some problems or shortcomings to everything and my favorite learning management system (or LMS) is no exception. I sure do wish Edmodo would drive me to work, cook nutritious and tasty dinners, grade my papers, and of course iron my clothes (I don’t mind doing laundry). Alas, I fear those features may never come to fruition but Laurie asked a good question about how to create assignments ahead of time and then roll them out when you need them. Good question Laurie! Read on past the break to see the work around.

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Uh Edmodo?


I’ve been using Edmodo for a while now and really, really like it. I mean I’ve written about it on more than one occasion and have written a pretty lengthy and comprehensive guide (I’m in the process of updating by the way) which you can find here. It’s been viewed more than 25,000 times which I guess means it’s not too bad.

Anyway, from time to time I get some questions concerning Edmodo and I thought I would like to share a few of them with you the reader and my replies. The emails are real, the questions are real, but I will keep their names out of it to protect the author’s privacy. So read on past the break to read about a common question I get about assignments and how students can turn them in. If you have any questions feel free to ask me at

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Edmodo webinars – they’re free!

I love me some Edmodo which is no surprise to our readers, but now I have even more reason to love them. Edmodo is offering free webinars to help you get more out of your Edmodo. If you’re new to Edmodo or if you are ready to lead a workshop about it Edmodo has got you covered.

They are offering these webinars and they are also free!

  • An Introduction to Edmodo
  • Edmodo fo Summer Professional Development

To get more information and to sign up (did I mention it is free?) follow this link here.

If you don’t have time to attend one of the webinars feel free to check out my Edmodo guide on Scribd or download it by clicking this link here.