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Fun Holiday movies

Only a few more days until the winter break and the end of 2018 so I thought that some teachers might like some holiday movies that they could show some of their students. Here you go! How the Grinch that … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Regulate Social Media in Schools

By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato It is spring time, and once again I am planning a new network security plan for a school. The same issues as always, and the same questions. All questions usually have … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day!

I’ve been teaching math for the past month and since today is Pi day – 3-14. I thought I would share a fun little clip you could (or could not) show your class.

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A Dude Name Ben – The Clip

Tony referenced a YouTube clip in his last post. Here is the clip! Enjoy!

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Omar’s basket weaving haiku challenge – IT’S ON!!!

If you listened to podcast episode 80 you now know that we have laid down a gauntlet of literary proportions (I don’t think that makes sense does it?) It is time to write your own haiku. Submit your haiku by filling … Continue reading

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This is what happens Larry, when you misuse technology….

If you do not get the reference made by the title, then you you can spend the day trying to figure it out. Improve your Google skills, or whatever. I know that my fellow podcaster, Preston, will get it, and … Continue reading

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spam, Spam, SPAM!!

SPAM!!!! One reason I really like WordPress is that they block a lot of spam from entering our hallowed comment section. Blogger also does a nice job too for the record. Just between you and me, I like to go … Continue reading

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Video Games – Can they make learning fun?

So can video games make learning fun? Tall response: NO! Grande response: No, because… Edutainment games are clunky Edutainment games are not multi-million dollar franchise games Our students are very diverse with some people play first person shooters, other play … Continue reading

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Gone in 60 seconds

Log on NOW Check out this infograph from This is what happens when you unplug for 60 seconds. It is pretty amazing to see so much happening in such a short time. The reason I post is because not … Continue reading

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Aaaaaand action!

I started a unit on video production today with one of my middle school classes. We have been preparing for weeks for the day that we would get to use the coveted Mac lab. Learning about the different cameras, the … Continue reading

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