iPhone App of the Week – Khan Archiver


No matter what you think about the Khan Academy’s philosophy on education it is hard to deny that there are a lot of supplemental resources that they offer that I am sure many teachers find useful. This app gives you access to Khan’s huge library of video tutorials. You can watch them from YouTube which is great. You are probably thinking, Patrick, so what!? Well before you click away this app lets you download those videos so you can watch them offline. Now that is pretty nice an handy. If you have an Apple TV or other device that supports Airplay then you can even stream that video from your iPhone to a projector. Check out the pictures below and you can get it for free here.

wpid-img_1725-2012-09-5-23-02.jpg wpid-img_1726-2012-09-5-23-02.jpg wpid-img_1728-2012-09-5-23-02.jpg


iPhone app of the week – Catch


Are you a teacher or student that needs a little help organizing? Do you need something that will let you just take a few notes (audio, typed, image) and then help you organize it? I encourage you to try out Catch. It is a very streamlined app that makes creating and organizing notes, not just easy, but fast! That last part is what makes this app stand out in my opinion. It has a unique interface that allows you to create any type of note, reminder, to do task, etc. with just two clicks. Now that is what I call handy. While I was really impressed with it, an app like this is not that powerful if it doesn’t have some sort of desktop counterpart. The people of Catch certainly didn’t ignore this either by adding extensions to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (sorry Safari users) so you can add notes directly from web pages. They also have a web interface so you can peruse your notes, organize them and stay up to date even if you’re phone is not handy. You can create a Catch account or sign in with your Facebook or Google Account credentials. Check out the app for free here and for Android here.

wpid-img_1715-2012-08-29-21-29.png wpid-img_1716-2012-08-29-21-29.png wpid-img_1717-2012-08-29-21-29.png

wpid-img_1720-2012-08-29-21-29.png wpid-img_1723-2012-08-29-21-29.png

iPhone App of the Week – Spacecraft 3D


There’s been a lot of excitement about Curiosity the Mars Rover and why not. I sometimes have trouble parking my car. The good people at NASA were able to park this Rover on Mars from over 160,000,000 miles! That’s impressive and the images so far are pretty cool too. I can’t wait to see what it finds. In the meantime this app will let you get up close and personal with the Curiosity using augmented reality. You need to download and print off a tag that your iOS device will interpret the tag as a rover. From here you can make it turn, have it’s arm move around. It’s kind of neat. Since it is augmented reality, the angle you hold your iDevice to the target will change your perspective. There is also information about the rover too. If you want your kids to have a front row seat in examining this awesome robot then this app is for you. You can download it here for free.

wpid-img_1699-2012-08-26-22-46.png wpid-img_1696-2012-08-26-22-46.jpg

wpid-img_1698-2012-08-26-22-46.png wpid-img_1700-2012-08-26-22-46.png

iPhone Apps of the Week – Get your homework organized


When I was in high school I had this Casio BOSS SF-8000 electronic organizer. I used it regularly and it was awesome (for the 1990’s). It folded open, had a keyboard and it helped keep me organized which is something I always struggled with. It was great until someone stole it from me during my pre-calculus class grrrrrrrr. Anyway, electronic organizers are now iPhones and iPod Touches and other smart devices. Here are a few apps to help your students keep organized when it comes to their homework, schedule and more. There are a lot out there, but I focused in on some of the more popular free ones.


This free app has a clean look and before you can add any assignments you have to add classes. It’s straightforward and easy to use. There is an online website you can sun your data to, but you have to pay $1.99 and upgrade your app before you can do that. Other than that adding assignments is easy and the calendar gives you the info you want. Check out some pictures below to get a better idea if it’s for you or your students. You can get it here.

img_1669-2012-08-16-15-22.png img_1672-2012-08-16-15-22.png img_1676-2012-08-16-15-22.png


If you like the font Marker Felt Wide then this app is definitely for you. It’s a little different in that you need to create a term before you can add classes and then assignments. inClass is nice that you have the choice to add notes for a class and it easily allows you to add instructor contact info so sending emails to your teacher is a snap. The app os very colorful as you and navigating it is pretty easy. It has reminders for assignments and works pretty well. You can get it here.

img_16632-2012-08-16-15-22.png img_16642-2012-08-16-15-22.png img_16652-2012-08-16-15-22.png

penzu_a0018-2012-08-16-15-22.pngPocket Schedule Free

This is a slightly different take than the other two. The calendar view only shows your classes that you have that day. All the assignments are under the assignment button. You can add other tasks too that may not be related to any classes (general things to do) which is nice. There is also a Today button that gives you a quick view of everything that is happening on this day. Check out the pictures below and you can find it here.

img_1677-2012-08-16-15-22.png img_1684-2012-08-16-15-22.png img_1681-2012-08-16-15-22.png

Of course I can’t say which one is the best, it all comes down to what you want it to do and what you like your app to look like and how it behaves. If you have an app that you think should be on this list go ahead and talk about it in the comments. We love those things.

iPhone apps of the week – It’s the Olympics!


I (like many others) love the Olympics. I love the preparation, the effort, the excitement and the magic of the events. The games are never a disappointment and always an inspiration. However there are so many events and so many athletes that it can be pretty are to keep track of everything. This is why I have a couple of apps that will help yo (and myself) keep track of everything and they’re both free too! To get the official results app click here and the get the Reuters Olympics app click here. If you have some great Olympic apps add them in the comments. To see some more details and screen shots click on past the break.

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iPhone app of the week – First aid by the American Red Cross


I like going on field trips. It makes the learning more tangible and it is a great way to break the routine in a controlled and productive way. The kids usually get a lot more insight from someone who is extremely knowledgeable about that topic. However, leaving the school does involve a little bit of risk. For example what if Little Billy decides to walk down the wrong stairs that have recently been mopped? What if Little Billy gets a deep cut on a sharp corner? What if Little Billy gets tries to stick his pencil into an active wood chipper? Well I’m not sure this app will help you with the last one, but for minor accidents and some serious situations this app is a great way to give you some informed guidance on what needs to be done. That way you can take action until medical professionals arrive and Little Billy can live another day 🙂 They have quizzes, diagrams and even videos to help guide you in the case of an accident or emergey. The app is free and you can find it here.

NOTE* Downloading this app does not give you the trainined need to be CPR certified. If you are interested in becoming CPR certified please follow this link to the American Heart Assiociation

img_1512-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1513-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1514-2012-07-11-11-35.png

img_1515-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1516-2012-07-11-11-35.png img_1517-2012-07-11-11-35.png

iPhone app of the week – Declaration


Happy 4th of July! I thought what better way to celebrate America’s birthday than with a free app (how appropriate that is for America?) to use as a reference and learn a little more about the Declaration of Independence. This app has images of the original, the engraving (so it’s a lot easier to read), the main text so it is very easy to read, select, etc. and of course there is list of the signers which will tell you all about their history and their role. A pretty great resource for students, teachers and history buffs. So go ahead and download it here and happy birthday America.

img_1497-2012-07-4-08-361.png img_1499-2012-07-4-08-361.png img_1502-2012-07-4-08-361.png

img_1503-2012-07-4-08-361.png img_1504-2012-07-4-08-361.png

iPhone Apps for June

Well, I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties. The family has been moving out of our apartment and then flying home to the US has kind of sapped my time, but now I am back with three new iPhone apps to help you in the classroom. So take a look below and most are free but all of them are worth a try.


Display Recorder

This app is a savior for many teachers, but here is the problem. I don’t think it is in the iTunes app store anymore. What it does is record your screen so you can make videos showing how to use apps. You can record the video and the audio. The app is not exactly polished. There is a lag and sometimes the audio doesn’t exactly match up with the video. Mu solution, record the video and then add the audio with iMovie on the iPhone which is what I did below. If you can find the app please leave a link to it in the comments. I think Apple has pulled it 😦


Goggle Drive

This is the official app from Google that lets you access all of your files if you have a Google Drive account (which is free by the way). You can view, rename the file share it with people and of course view it right on your iPhone. The one feature it is sorely lacking is the ability to edit your Google Docs but I am sure that will come in time. In the meantime check it out on the iTunes store here.

img_1468-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1469-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1470-2012-06-29-11-43.png

img_1471-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1472-2012-06-29-11-43.png



This is a free app from Apple to help you find, manage and listen to your favorite podcasts. You can find fantastic podcasts about just about anything you’re teaching in the classroom so it can an invaluable resource for you and your students. This app makes it easier to listen to those podcasts and even share them with your students through a message, twitter or email. So if you’re listening to your favorite episode of IT Babble then use this app. Check it out here.

img_1461-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1462-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1463-2012-06-29-11-43.png

img_1464-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1465-2012-06-29-11-43.png img_1467-2012-06-29-11-43.png


This is not an app but definitely an extensive and exhaustive look of text editors for iOS. If you do some writing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then this is definitely worth your time. The information was compiled on a public Google Doc and the editor is going to go through this list as time permits to check its accuracy. You can also add an app or a correction. There is a massive chart comparing all the features of each app and below the chart there is detailed information and screen shots of specific apps. Here are a few (this is a big page people) images to give you an idea of how thorough this compilation is. You can find it the list in its glorious entirety here.

iPhone app of the week – iTexteditors


OK, you got me! This is not an app but definitely an extensive and exhaustive look of text editors for iOS. If you do some writing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then this is definitely worth the look. The information was compiled on a public Google Doc and the editor is going to go through this list as time permits to check its accuracy. You can also add an app or a correction. There is a massive chart comparing all the features of each app and below the chart there is detailed information and screen shots of specific apps. Here are a few (this is a big page people) images to give you an idea of how thorough this compilation is. You can find it the list in its glorious entirety here.



iPhone app of the week – Stack the Countries


Last week was Stack the States and this week is Stack the Countries. It’s by the same developer so you can expect quality and fun when using this app. Unlike Stack the States, Stack the Countries lets you chose between questions about specific continents or the world. You can also specify what type of questions you would like to be quizzed on (identifying questions, languages, capitals, flags and more). It is very easy to use and you can have many different player profiles (perfect for sharing within a class). Take a look at the images below to see what you can expect. You can find Stack the Countries on the iTunes app store here.

img_1400-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1401-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1402-2012-05-31-09-23.png

img_1403-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1398-2012-05-31-09-23.png img_1404-2012-05-31-09-23.png