PBS Frontline report on Michelle Rhee


Love her or hate her Michelle Rhee (the former Chancellor of the Washington DC school district) certainly evokes emotional response from teachers, parents, students, politicians and just about anyone who has a remote interest in education. Frontline recently ran an hour long feature about Michelle Rhee and it is definitely worth a watch. It’s an hour long but Frontline has it broken up into four parts. Check out the link below and as always hit up those comments. We’re always interested in your thoughts.


Educational iPhone Apps #3


It’s that time again, more iPhone apps for your educational use. This month is will showcase some of the best ed tech apps you can put on your iPhone (well-the best I can find at least). You’ll be organizing, making movies, brushing up on your math skills in no time! So sit back, reach for your iPhone (or iOS4 device) and read on past the break to find out which cool apps you’re missing out on.

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Top 5 movies I’d love to show my students but can’t


Have you ever wanted to show a movie to your class, but knew if you did, it would probably end your career as an educator? Well, I have composed that very list for myself. Before I get to the list I made some criteria. It would just be too easy to throw out five movies that kids can’t see, so I said it has to contain topics that can really be discussed in the the class and it has to have an element of technology involved. Ahh, now the list is a little trickier to make. So read on and then submit your own list in the comments. Continue reading “Top 5 movies I’d love to show my students but can’t”