Episode 198 – What’s on TV?

Tony and Patrick have a short but sweet episode this week. Be sure to subscribe to us with your favorite podcasting app and check out the talking points below!

  1. What’s on TV?
  2. What am I drinking?
    1. Kirin Ichiban – http://www.kirinichiban.com/ 
  3. Laptop recommendations – Don’t completely trust a blog
    1. https://itbabble.com/2021/12/03/laptop-recommendations-check-with-your-school-not-a-blog/
  4. Notion.so – A review
    1. https://itbabble.com/2021/12/01/notion-so-a-review/
  5. Finding a STEM and Robotics teacher
    1. Where do these people hangout online (professionally)?
    2. 4 sections
      1. STEM
      2. Robotics
      3. Topic 3?
      4. Topic 4?
    3. Make it its own department

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Episode 197 – Winter movie suggestions

Tony and Patrick are back from the Thanksgiving holiday to talk about STEM, ed tech and much, much more. Be sure to subscribe to us with your favorite podcasting app.

  1. How was Thanksgiving?
  2. What are you drinking?
    1. Spaten Premium Lager
  3. STEM – needs a non-traditional space
    1. Space that holds 40 students
    2. Natural supervision
    3. Plentiful electricity
    4. Fab truck – https://www.fablabs.io/labs/fablabtruck
  4. Favorite winter movies to show students?
  5. Tony’s news – It’s Time to Stop Telling Children to Google it.
    1. https://edco-isn-staging.edcowebsites.co.uk/articles/open/it-is-time-to-stop-telling-children-to-google-it/

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Episode 196 – Laughing at the Surface SE

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Tony and Patrick have another great episode for everyone. It’s before Thanksgiving and we are having some fun as we talk ed tech. Check out the talking points below. As always, be sure to subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting app.

  1. Happy early Thanksgiving
  2. What am I drinking?
    1. Great Lakes Eliot Ness
  3. Adding a desktop
    1. https://itbabble.com/2021/11/10/life-with-a-desktop/ 
  4. Everyone made fun of the Surface SE
  5. STEM environments for schools – ideas on how to set it up correctly
  6. Ask IT Babble
    1. This Olympic Scoring Form article is AMAZING. Seriously. REALLY well done. I’ve stumbled upon this because my wife and I host a gingerbread house contest and I think this may be the way for our judges to do the judging from their phones and not have to add and tally by hand.

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Episode 195 – Solar Minimum

Tony and Patrick are closing in on 200! This week is another banger. Remember to subscribe to the IT Babble podcast with your favorite podcasting app. Check out the talking points below:

 Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/WTaR4BZTqUHPXrZG6

  1. Solar Minimum
  2. HECC Conference 
  3. What are you drinking? 
    1. Shiner Bock
    2. Left Hand S’mores Milk Stout
  4. Hardware as a Service – financial planning ideas
  5. Windows Surface SE
    1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/business/surface-laptop-se 
  6. Ask IT Babble
  • We have students who bring in appropriate (sic) equipment to school. The kit the school specifies is very clear, but that doesn’t seem to matter. What can we do aside from purchasing the equipment?
  • What is the best way to manage parents picking up children? I have been suggesting software. Thanks

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Episode 194 – Meta Pump

Tony and Patrick are back at it! Another great episode with a new Ask IT Babble segment and HOW! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast from your favorite podcasting app. Check out the talking points below!

  1. IT Babble how we make the show – for new listeners
  2. Daylight Savings Time (Tony forgot)
  3. What are we drinking?
  4. New Classrooms Update – Water Finds its Level
  5. Metaverse hype = Conference Pump – Be careful
    1. https://itbabble.com/2021/11/03/soul-machine-a-demo/ 
    2. How can you measure it?
  6. Ask IT Babble
    1. https://itbabble.com/ask-it-babble/

Ask IT Babble

Q1: My school is considering an investment in VR. Do you think this is a good idea?
VR Solution: https://www.classvr.com/

AR Solution: https://www.cleverbooks.eu/

Q2: Do you think teachers would print less if they could spend more money on other things?

You can download the episode here

Ask IT Babble!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tony, myself and any guest who comes on the IT Babble podcast (subscribe from your favorite podcasting app) would love to hear from you and your questions, comments or funny stories. We will be adding a segment to our podcast that is dedicated just to discussing this.

Obviously, we will keep it anonymous (in fact you don’t even need to submit anything about yourself if you don’t want to) and we will be handling only educationally related topics, so no relationship advice (or very little) will be found here. At any rate feel free to complete the form below or you can click HERE to complete it as well. We would love for you to have a voice on our podcast!

Episode 193 – Happy Halloween

Tony and Patrick are back on this the spookiest of all nights to bring you joy and hope through ed tech! As always you can find our podcast on your favorite podcasting app so please be sure to subscribe and enjoy the show.

  1. Happy Halloween
  2. What am I drinking?
  3. Facebook – Meta – Metaverse
    1. Should we care?
    2. Will educators get suckered?
      1. https://secondlife.com/ 
    3. Facebook Files – WSJ – https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-facebook-files-11631713039
  4. New classrooms, how’s it going for Tony? Dual Protocol Transmission (DPT 4.0) 
    1. BenQ Instashow – https://www.benq.com/en-us/business/wireless-presentation/wdc10.html
    2. Patrick’s Review – https://itbabble.com/2020/01/31/streaming-in-the-classroom-benq-instashow/ 

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Episode 192 – AI curriculum

Tony and Patrick are back once again for another great show! Check out the talking points below and you can subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcasting app (we are on almost all podcast directories).

  1. Apple event takeaway
    1. MacBook Pro starting at $2000
  2. Bitpaper.io – https://bitpaper.io/ 
    1. Better than a lot of .io sites
    2. Good for math homework
    3. Touchscreen
    4. Review on Wednesday
  3. Student printing at Tony’s school
    1. Unsustainable “print party”
  4. Tony has been drinking AndyGator – https://abita.com/brews/andygator#
  5. AI in the curriculum 
    1. https://www.ibm.com/watson
    2. Reading recommendations
      1. Daemon by Daniel Suarez – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6665847-daemon 
  6. Dell – some interesting things for parents if you know the right person
    1. Online store for your organization

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WordPress + Anchor.fm = It’s a little broken

When I heard about this in March of 2021 I thought that this was too good to be true? How could this partnership last? here is are two services that want you to consumer content on their websites/apps. How are they willing to split their revenue? Well it looks like it’s starting to fall apart a little bit.

What should happen?

Well here is how this was working. You would write your post on WordPress.com and then publish it. You had to publish it for Anchor.fm to see it, so once it was published you would log into your Anchor account and click on Episodes at the top.

If there were new episodes to be converted they would show up in the list.

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Episode 191 – Un-Boxing Day

Tony and Patrick are back and having more fun than ever. As always, you can find our podcast on your favorite podcasting app or on Podomatic. Check out the talking points below and if you have any humorous clips you want on the show – reach out to us in the comments!

  1. Tony and Patrick catch up
  2. New sounds for top of the- show
  3. Google Forms + Form Ranger detailed post
  4. Apple’s new event
    1. What would you like to see?
  5. Is Tony done with Chromebooks?
    $33.99 – Really?
    Video editing
  6. Windows 10 – Could be the best option but it is still the most annoying operating system on the market
  7. Dystopian School Follow Up- We will only use Linux, but you can choose your flavor

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