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A review about software, online applications, or some other cool technology education tools that can help the every day teacher!

Edulastic – Using the online assessment tool for a year

This year my middle school math department decided to have everyone do electronic assessments. The reason behind this was to get everyone using the same assessments and for the math coaches to look at common results across a grade level. … Continue reading

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The Maker Portfolio and University Admissions

                  By: Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato I am always focused on the end-game. The end-game for students is the next level after they leave K-12. Preparing students to … Continue reading

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Live In the Now with OneDrive for Business

By Tony DePrato | Follow me on Twitter @tdeprato A year ago, many people using Office 365 for Education were really angry at OneDrive for Business. When Microsoft made the official switch from the public OneDrive to the Business Version, things were not … Continue reading

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If This, Then That: Link Apps Together to Double Your Productivity!

You can create connections between apps/products that you love to make them work more efficiently for you – if this… then that happens Continue reading

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Pocket: An Easy & Quick Bookmarking Tool that’s Free

I love Pocket! It’s a Chrome extension, and it’s something that I actually use. Yes, you have to sign up first, but that’s pretty painless. And it’s free. There is a premium version, but it seems unnecessary. Everything that I … Continue reading

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Lino – A review

Not too long ago I did a review about Padlet. It’s a pretty good service and I know another similar service is Lino and I thought I’d do a review about it as well. I’m not going to compare Lino … Continue reading

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Padlet – A quick review

Padlet has been a mainstay in classrooms for years. It was previously known as Wallwishers. Basically it is a blank canvas and you add notes. These notes can include links to websites, various types of files and images. If you … Continue reading

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Blendspace – The review

I don’t like LiveBinders – period. I think it is a lousy way to share online resources with people. However, I do like Blendspace. If you have a bunch of online resources to share with your class (or anyone for … Continue reading

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Clarify – Write better instructions

If you are an IT teacher, coordinator, director or just the techy teacher in your school, you’ve had to make instructions for people. Any technical instructions worth their salt have nice screenshots, are organized and are clearly written. Believe me, … Continue reading

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Google Smarty Pins – Trivia with pins

Google has a number of fun little games that you can play with your students and we can add one more Google’s Smarty Pins. This is a trivia game that works with Google Maps. You can select a specific category … Continue reading

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