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If This, Then That: Link Apps Together to Double Your Productivity!

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I recently discovered the amazing website: If this, then that 

What does it do?

  • link apps together to automatically work together
  • saves you time!

How does it work?

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Create a recipe, or choose from combinations that have already been created for you.

You can create connections between apps/products that you love to make them work more efficiently for you – if this… then that happens (aka you are making conditional statements)

Their about page explains this in more detail ( – I love that the URL is wtf instead of about 🙂

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Pre-made recipes are categorized for you and include all kinds of cool websites, news channels, media, etc…

Clicking on existing recipes allows you to quickly connect them:

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They continue adding more apps all the time. Most are useful, some are interesting…

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Kendra Perkins

Educational iPhone Apps – December


Just in time for the new year, a new list of educational iPhone apps that you can use in your classroom. Some of them leave a little to be desired, but there are more than a few winners here. So be sure to read on past the link to get all the goodness. Have a happy new year and we here at IT Babble hope that your 2011 is as good or better than your 2011.

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Educational iPhone Apps – Novemeber


It’s been a good Thanksgiving weekend and now as I sit on my couch a few belt notches wider watching Machete by Robert Rodriguez, I am pleased to bring you five helpful apps for the king of mobile devices the iPhone. Read on past the break and see how you can better bring out your iPhone in the classroom, and remember Machete don’t text.

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Educational iPhone Apps: October

So, this one is a little late coming, but hey it is here! So as the world turns more and more apps for the iPhone keep coming and we have some good ones here this week. We have two space apps, a virtual tour of the Library of Congress, a graphing calculator app, and a flashcard app. So read on past the link to get the details.


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Educational iPhone Apps #3


It’s that time again, more iPhone apps for your educational use. This month is will showcase some of the best ed tech apps you can put on your iPhone (well-the best I can find at least). You’ll be organizing, making movies, brushing up on your math skills in no time! So sit back, reach for your iPhone (or iOS4 device) and read on past the break to find out which cool apps you’re missing out on.

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You’re Smart So Use That Smart Phone!


Technology is wonderful wouldn’t you agree? Well sometimes it can suck, but mostly I love it. I love teaching it, love using it, and love learning new and exciting ways to use technology in my life. So it makes sense that I use technology when I teach and I think one of my biggest tools that I use (despite my computer) would have to be my iPhone. Mobile phones have come a long way since the release of the first iPhone. Whether you’re an Apple fanboy(girl) or not, no one can deny that the iPhone was a bomb that destroyed its competition and set the bar of what a phone could and should be. Now, the gap between the iPhone and its competitors is closing rapidly which means more phones for you to purchase at more affordable prices. Continue reading