Olympic Scoring with Google Forms & Sheets

This page will contain the 5 part series of how to build an Olympic scorebook or scoreboard or whatever you would like to call it using Google Forms and Google Sheets. It is a bit technical but I feel the final result is worth the pain. Check out the links below.

Here is the Google Form from the series.

Here is the Google Sheet from the series.

Part 1 – Overview

Here we talk about what the scoreboard is and how it basically works. We do not get into anything super technical in this post just give the basic overview.

Part 2 – Google Form

Here we start building the Google Form. We talk about who should fill it out how it is built and how to make the form work properly. We also have Google create a spreadsheet to house all the responses.

Part 3 – Worksheets for events

We start working on the spreadsheet and making worksheets for events. Here we will talk about how to organize these sheets and how to define specific data. We also learn how to utilize the query, small and vlookup functions.

Part 4 – Worksheets for teams

This part is much smaller and a lot easier. We will make a worksheet for each team the shows their scores for each event and their total points

Part 5 – The total worksheet

Here we bring it all together where we can see who is first, second and last.

Part 6 – Reflection

The event has come and gone and here are the quick reactions.