– This might be for you

So I’ve written about blogging a lot. I’ve covered, Blogger, Posterous and tried them all out. I’ve consciously skipped over because I feel it is too simple for what I wanted. In all honesty it is, but that doesn’t mean that it is not exactly what some other teachers are looking for. Case in point. […]

The POWER of WordPress

See the possibilities I saw this article about WordPress today in TechCrunch that boasts some more than impressive numbers. According to WordPress they are powering almost 15% of the top million websites and that 22 out of 100 new websites in the US are powered by WordPress. Wow. WordPress is a blogging platform but it […]

A response to “What’s Up With That?”

IT Babble Response This is a response to a post that Matt LaBarge wrote on his blog that was later reposted on Free Tech for Teachers. In the post Matt expresses some frustration on teachers and how they use technology in their lives, but not in their teaching. I tried to post this on Matt’s […] – A quick how to

I’m going to take a tiny break in my timeline extravaganza to quickly add a how to guide for This blogging platform is pretty sweet and perfect for the casual blogger who cares not for widgets and the like. You can very easily add people to the blog, and it is especially easy to […]

Hootcourse – Twitter educationalized

That is definitely not a real word. Anyway, in this post I am going to share with you the online service This uses Twitter as a means to create a back channel chat, but it has some nice features that expand it beyond just the normal chat room experience. Basically you use your Twitter […]

Blogs AWAY!

Blogs are great ways for students to express themselves, share their ideas easily with the class, and students can do it anywhere at anytime (provided they have an Internet connection). On top of that, it is a great way to integrate a little English into any subject. This semester was the first time Omar and […]