iPhone app of the week – Declaration


Happy 4th of July! I thought what better way to celebrate America’s birthday than with a free app (how appropriate that is for America?) to use as a reference and learn a little more about the Declaration of Independence. This app has images of the original, the engraving (so it’s a lot easier to read), the main text so it is very easy to read, select, etc. and of course there is list of the signers which will tell you all about their history and their role. A pretty great resource for students, teachers and history buffs. So go ahead and download it here and happy birthday America.

img_1497-2012-07-4-08-361.png img_1499-2012-07-4-08-361.png img_1502-2012-07-4-08-361.png

img_1503-2012-07-4-08-361.png img_1504-2012-07-4-08-361.png